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Global Urban History Project

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Emma Hart
Basic Information
University of St Andrews
Senior Lecturer in American History
17 Blantyre Terrace

EH10 5AD

Additional Information
About My Work
I am an early modern urban historian interested in connecting the American urban experience of the 1650-1850 era to its counterparts in the Atlantic world.
(with Mariana Dantas) “Historical Approaches to Researching the Global Urban,” in Eds. John Harrison and Michael Hoyer, Doing Global Urban Research (Sage, 2018)

(with Cathy Matson) “Situating Merchants in Late Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic Port Cities,” Early American Studies, Special Issue on Port Cities (Fall 2017)

“City Government and the State in Eighteenth Century South Carolina,” in Eighteenth Century Studies, Special Issue on Early Modern Cities (Vol. 50, No. 2, Winter, 2017) 195-211

Building Charleston: Town and Society in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World (Cloth, University of Virginia Press, 2010 and paper, University of South Carolina Press, 2015) 288pp
Professional Associations
British Group in Early American History (BGEAH)
European Early American Studies Association (EEASA)
Omohundro Institute Annual Conference
European Association of Urban Historians
Organization of American Historians