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Andy Beesley
Basic Information
University of Kent
PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant
Rutherford College

University of Kent


Additional Information
About My Work
As a PhD student, my research focuses on parks and public spaces in the American urban environment. My thesis explores a number of 'experimental' public spaces in the city of Seattle, and how the conceptual definitions of what park space constitutes has been redefined or re-examined by these spaces (an industrial landscape transitioning into a park space, a military installation converted into an open-space public place, public-private partnership ventures in relation to park environments). More broadly I am interested in urban history, the American West, transportation, and the Pacific Northwest as a region.
No completed projects as of yet

In progress:
PhD Thesis, exp. completion in September 2018
Journal article on post-industrial landscapes in Seattle and Kent, UK
Journal article on Gas Works Park in Seattle as a liminal space relating to themes of heritage, preservation, and environment.
Professional Associations
British Association of American Studies
International Association for Environment, Space, and Place