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Juliana Bosslet
Basic Information
PhD Candidate
8B Rickmansworth Road



Additional Information
About My Work
My research is on social history of labour in Luanda, Angola, during the late colonial period. More specifically, I am looking into ways through which labourers, particularly Africans with little or no urban background, adapted themselves to and shaped the urban environment and labour practices in the capital-city of colonial Angola from the post-Second World War period to independence. In terms of possible contributions to this project, it is important to highlight that much of present-day Luanda’s urban landscape and infrastructure took shape in the late colonial period, when the city’s population more than tripled, as economic development and industrialization attracted Africans and metropolitans to the city. Although Luanda’s urban growth was somehow chaotic, as its periphery was mostly characterised by illegal constructions, its urban development served to consolidate racial segregation. Part of my project aims to understand the role of Luanda’s shantytowns as a reservoir of manpower to the developing industry.
‘Entre Domínio e Consenso: Uma análise da relação de dominação no sistema colonial português em Angola‘, Gênero & História (UFPE) , v. IX (2013), p. 61-79.
Title in English: Between Domain and Consensus: An analysis of power relations in Angola under the Portuguese colonial rule

A Luanda que a guerra deixou ou a guerra travada pelos que ficaram (1961-74). REVISTA TEMPO, ESPAÇO E LINGUAGEM, v. 7, p. 118-139, 2016
Title in English: ‘The city the war left behind or the war waged by those who stayed (1961-74)’

‘O Problema do Lazer em Luanda: O controle do tempo livre do trabalhador como mecanismo de manutenção da ordem colonial (1961-1975)‘, Análise Social, Lisbon, December 2017.
Title in English: The problem of leisure in Luanda: The attempt to control the workers’ free time as a mechanism of colonial order, 1961-1975

A Cidade e a Guerra: Relações de Poder e Subversão em São Paulo de Assunção de Luanda, 1961-1975 (Luanda: Mayamba), 2017. (
Title in English: The City and the War: Power relations and subversion in Luanda, 1961-1975