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Global Urban History Project

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Sophia M Basaldua-Sun
Basic Information
Stony Brook University
Ph.D. Candidate
100 Riverside BLVD

Apt. 10B

New York, NY  

Additional Information
About My Work
My project uses decolonial and Postcolonial theory to examine the word metropolis, in order to argue that thinking the metropolitan can transform the way we both imagine and represent connection and dependency between urban formations, the country,region,nation, and globe. To highlight ways that metropolitanism might be deployed in analysis in contrast to urbanism, with attention to the colonial implications of cities, my project examines three literary traditions as representations of metropolitanism. These representations come from Parisian, Buenos Aires, and New York literature from the early twentieth century, a period that Andreas Huyssen as suggested is an earlier form of globalism.
Basaldua-Sun, Sophia M. “A Banlieue North of Paris:” Setting as Subject in Léon Bonneff’s Aubervilliers.” PMLA. (Revising).
Basaldua-Sun, Sophia M. "Metro(Polis): Decentering Urbanity in Conceptualizing Metropolitanism." Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal. (Forthcoming).
Basaldua-Sun, Sophia M. "An Interdisciplinary Look at Metropolitanisms." Journal of Urban Cultural Studies. (5.1 March 2018).
Basaldua, Sophia M. Metropolitanizing the Urban." Dissertation. (Work in Progress).
Professional Associations
Association of Adaptation Studies Annual Conference
American Comparative Literature Association