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Christian A Hess
Basic Information
Sophia University
Associate Professor
Sophia University, Faculty of Liberal Arts

7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku


Additional Information
About My Work
I work on colonial and socialist urban development in Northeast China. I try and use comparative approaches in my work in order to complicate national histories which lay claim to cities in the postcolonial, socialist periods.
“Sino-Soviet City: Dalian Between Socialist Worlds 1945-1955” Journal of Urban History forthcoming (2018). Published online June 14, 2017

?????????????:???????????(From Colonial Port to Socialist Metropolis: Imperialism and the Making of New Dalian) ????? Urban History Research Vol.29 (December 2013): 271-292.

“Gateway to Manchuria: The Port City of Dalian under Russian, Japanese and Chinese Control, 1898-1950” Comparativ: Journal of Global History and Comparative Social Research, Vol.22, No.5 (December 2012): 47-59.

“From Colonial Port to Socialist Metropolis: War, Imperialism and the Making of New Dalian”
Urban History Vol.38, No.3 (December 2011): 373-390.

Book Chapters:

“Securing the City, Securing the Nation: Militarization and Urban Police Work in Dalian, 1949-1953” in Toby Lincoln and Xu Tao, ed., The Habitable City in China: Urban History in the Twentieth Century (Palgrave, 2017): 71-90.

“The Fate of Japanese Settlers in Manchuria” in David Chandler, Robert Cribb, and Li Narangoa, eds., End of Empire: 100 Days in 1945 that Changed Asia and the Word (NIAS Press, Copenhagen, 2016).

“Revolutionary Real Estate: Envisioning Space in Communist Dalian” in J. Cook, J. Goldstein, and S. Schmalzer, eds. Visualizing China: Image, History and Memory in China, 1750-Present (Lexington, 2014): 185-202.
Professional Associations
Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference
Asian Studies Conference Japan