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GUHP Communication and Outreach Team Leader
(Part Time position)

Applications Due by September 30, 2019 to Format described below

The Global Urban History is searching for a social-media-savvy global urban historian to work as an independent consultant to refine, expand, direct, and implement a communication and outreach strategy for the organization. The position will involve about 20 to 30 hours per month in September through November and February through April each academic year, with possible extra hours depending on the extent of the strategy that the incumbent develops. The pay is US$25 per hour. Technology and diplomatic skills and familiarity with the field GUH are all essential. The consultant must be a member of GUHP, and will participate GUHP Board meetings when desirable as an ex-officio member.

The Global Urban History Project is a two-year old member-supported academic association that promotes conversations between scholars working at the crossroads of urban history and global history. GUHP is a 501 (c ) 3 non-profit association under US tax law. It has over 400 members from universities across the world, and a Board of 12-15 members who elect a Coordinator, a Treasurer, and an Archivist/ Secretary.

The Global Urban History blog, edited by GUHP Board members, is an integral part of the Project, edited independently of the officers by a three-person editorial committee.

GUHP’s main focus is to organize conference-style events, typically in collaboration with other organizations, and has a mandate to organize events on all six continents in the upcoming decade.

In addition, GUHP maintains a website on the Club Express platform that includes a networking feature called Meet Other Members. GUHP uses the Club Express platform to publish an occasional Newsletter and a feature entitled “Noteworthy in Global Urban History” which offers information on recent publications in the hybrid field. These on-line publications circulate to a list of members and “prospective members,” scholars who have been identified by Board members as having an interest in Global Urban History.

Members of the Communication and Outreach Team would work together and with the Coordinator to enhance the organization's communications and outreach to these members and prospective members.

The job of the Leader(s) of the Communication and Outreach consists of the following:

•    Train self in Club Express platform using various online training modules, and consult with the Coordinator on revisions to the website.

•    Work independently and with the Coordinator to schedule, format, edit, and publish the GUHP Newsletter approximately a half dozen times a year. Keep a list of potential items for the newsletter.

•    Research and collect lists of potential and actual publications in the field of Global Urban History by members and others for inclusion in Noteworthy in GUH.

•    Schedule, compile, format, edit, and publish editions of “Noteworthy in GUH” six times a year in consultation with the Coordinator.

•    Manage back issues of Newsletter and “Noteworthy.”

•    Compose invitation emails to potential Noteworthy contributors, and strategize with Coordinator on sending them.

•    Keep a list of publications in GUH by non-members by reviewing publications and reading reviews.

•    Add names and emails of potential members to the prospective member list.

•    Compose personal outreach emails from the Coordinator to high-priority member recruits.

•    Manage the Club Express member and prospective member lists for corrupted or non-working emails.

•    Conduct regular reviews of member profiles on the Meet Other Members page to ensure comprehensiveness. Send out update reminders to members.

•    Take the lead with the Coordinator in conducting annual member renewal drives.

•    Develop GUHP’s social media presence, and develop a series of guidelines for publicizing GUHP conferences and events.

•    Communicate regularly with editors of the Global Urban History blog to coordinate these efforts.

•    Develop new communication and outreach systems, such as a “Member of the Month” series.

•    Identify volunteers or possibly help hire additional members of the Team if necessary

This position is open to non-US citizens. However, pay will be at the rate above in US dollars no matter the exchange rate. Contractor will be expected to cover their own overhead expenses, though GUHP may defray reasonable expenses for travel to organizational meetings if these become necessary.

Interested applicants should send a short cover letter making the case for their candidacy and a short CV in a single PDF document named by the applicant’s first and last name only to GUHP Coordinator Carl Nightingale at The deadline for applications is September 30th, 2019.