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Global Urban History Project

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Shiben Banerji
Basic Information
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Assistant Professor
Art History

112 S Michigan Avenue, Room 605

Chicago, IL  

Additional Information
About My Work
I am a historian of architecture and urbanism with a particular interest in the global provenance of American landscape, urban, and building design. My historical scholarship investigates how the circulation of design ideas and criticism constituted the globe in our modernity.
Banerji, Shiben. Lineages of the Global City: Occult Modernism and the Spiritualization of Democracy (Austin: University of Texas Press, forthcoming)

__. “Garden City.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Edited by Kevin Murphy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019.

__. “A Theosophical Garden City: Designing Household Life in Bombay, circa 1924.” Planning Perspectives 34, no. 1 (2019): 65–90. (online, July 2017).
Professional Associations
Society of Architectural Historians