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GUHP Mentorship Program

One of GUHP's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic was to establish a mentorship program for graduate students and junior scholars, to help ensure that they had an intellectual community and a space to present works-in-progress during the global health crisis. The mentorship program ran during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years, with a culminating "GUHP Emerging" symposia. In 2022-2023, the mentorship program was reconceived as the GUHP Emerging Scholars Program.

Participants in GUHP’s Inaugural Mentorship Program, 2020-2021

I. Cities and Imperial Networks Workshop

Organizers: Emma Hart, St. Andrews University; Mariana Dantas, Ohio University

Camille Cordier, Université Lyon Lumière

"The Making of the “Paris des Antilles”: the Role of the Sailors’ and Enslaved Markets in the Integration of Cap-Français into the World of Goods of the 18th Century

Mentor: Trevor Burnard, University of Hull, UK

Bernard Keo, Monash University, Australia

"Colonial City, Global Entanglements: Intra- and Trans-Imperial Networks in George Town, 1786-1914"

Mentor: Michael Vann, California State University, Sacramento

Archa N. Girija,The University of British Columbia

"Early European Modernity and the Imagination of an Alternate Urbanism in the Indian Ocean"

Mentor: Guadalupe Garcia, Tulane University

Aishani Gupta, SUNY at Stony Brook

"Colonial Women in Ajmer’s Dargah Sharif: gendered identities, exploitation and inscription of power in a Sufi sacred space"

Mentor: Debjani Battacharya, Drexel University

Ernest Sewordor, University of Basel, Switzerland

"Mechanised Mining, Infrastructure, and the Evolution of Gold Coast’s Urban Space, c. 1900-1957"

Mentor: Constanza Castro Benavides, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

II. Urban Forms and Informalities Workshop

Convenors: Tracy Neumann, Wayne State University and Kristin Stapleton, University at Buffalo

Ingy Higazy (PhD student, UC Santa Cruz)

"Urban, But Not Quite: Peripheral Living Along the Greater Cairo Ring Road”

Mentor: Alexia Yates, Manchester University

Rustam Khan (PhD student, MIT),

"The (Un-)Making of a Commodity Frontier: Soviet Vladivostok in Northeast Asia, 1930s-1950s"

Mentor: Micah Muscolino, UC San Diego

Halimat Somotan (PhD, Columbia University; Postdoc, Princeton).

“The Decolonizing City: Popular Politics and Municipal Administration in Lagos Nigeria, 1950-1972”

Mentor: Carl Nightingale, University at Buffalo

Yingchuan Yang (PhD student, Columbia).

"A City Full of Chimneys: Urban Planning and the Form of Mobilizational Politics in 1950s Beijing"

Mentor: Katherine Zubovich, University at Buffalo

III. Cities and Radicalism Workshop

Workshop Organizers: Nancy Kwak, University of California San Diego and Michael Goebel, Graduate Institute of Geneva

Prerna Agarwal (King’s College London).

“Decolonising Calcutta: moments of labour radicalism in the late 1940s”

Mentor: Su Lin Lewis (University of Bristol)

Chester Arcilla (University of the Philippines-Manila).

“Marking Militant Urban Subaltern Mobilizations and State Containment Within Global Histories of Gentrification and Financialization”

Mentor: Annelise Orleck (Dartmouth College)

Stephen Pascoe (UC Irvine).

“Concessionary Imperialism and Its Discontents”

Mentor: Cyrus Schayegh (Graduate Institute Geneva)

Yessenia Puentes (Pontificia Universidad Católicade de Chile).

“Adapting Urban Space to the Neoliberal Way of Living: Community and Mining Heritage in Coronel, Chile (1973-2018)”

Mentor: Camilo Trumper (University at Buffalo)

Amanda Waterhouse (Indiana University).

“Radical Architects: University Development and Student Protest in Cold War Colombia”

Mentor: Mark Healey (University of Connecticut)