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GUHP Emerging Scholars 2024-25:

Eligibility: Applicants to GUHP2 Berlin who are graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and independent scholars, adjunct faculty or tenure track faculty up to three years past their doctoral degree.

Why apply: Successful applicants will receive individual feedback on their conference proposal from a senior member of GUHP and will be invited to rehearse their presentation in a private online event in advance of the conference. In addition, they will be honored alongside other GUHP Emerging Scholars attendees at a special ceremony in Berlin.

In addition to applying for participation in the conference - either as a panel member or as an individual presenter - applicants should submit a short cover letter declaring their interest in this program. The cover letter should include the name and contact information of the PhD advisor or another scholar who knows the work well.

Applications are due to by the conference application deadline of Friday October 18 at 24:00 UTC.